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Silver nanofilm improves the efficiency of zinc sulfide EL films for flexible displays and lighting.

Recently, a research team has made significant progress in improving the efficiency of zinc sulfide powder electroluminescent (EL) devices by adding silver nanofilms, which have potential in the display industry.

(Zinc Sulfide)

The research focuses on analyzing the characteristics of EL devices, specifically those of indium tin oxide (ITO) electrodes. Research has found that as the emission area of EL devices decreases, the power loss per unit area increases, resulting in decreased device efficiency.

The results of this study not only provide insights into the efficiency-enhancing properties of silver nanofilms and pave the way for future research on stretchable and bendable EL displays. By leveraging the advantages of powder-based EL technology and the efficiency improvements achieved by silver nanofilms, the development of more efficient and versatile EL devices is within reach.


As an important inorganic compound, zinc sulfide powder has many uses. Here are some main application areas:


Zinc sulfide can be used as a preservative to protect materials such as paint, rubber and wood.

Rubber products

Zinc sulfide is an important raw material for preparing vulcanized rubber. It can help cross-link the rubber molecules in the rubber and increase the elasticity and hardness of the rubber, thereby improving the quality of rubber products.

Plastic products

Zinc sulfide can be a stabilizer for plastic products to prevent plastics from fading, deforming, and embrittlement when heated or exposed to sunlight.

Cceramic products

Zinc sulfide can lower the sintering temperature of ceramic materials and increase their hardness and elasticity, making ceramic products stronger and more durable.


Zinc sulfide is also widely used in cosmetics as a sunscreen and oil absorber to help keep skin dry and fresh.

(Zinc Sulfide)

Phosphor and photoconductor materials

Zinc sulfide can emit fluorescence of different colors after being illuminated and can be used as a material for phosphors and photoconductors.

Fuel or paint

Zinc sulfide can be used as a fuel or a paint component.

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