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Several lubrication methods for different bearings lubricant gel

Oil storage tank seepage technique: This is a typical lubrication approach, particularly ideal for reduced to medium-speed operating settings. The self-aligning round bearing is partly submersed in lubricating oil. When the component rotates, the lubricating oil is grabbed and after that flows back right into the oil sump. The oil level should be slightly lower than the facility of all-time low of the round to make certain ideal lubrication.

Oil dripping approach: For bearing parts that require exact amounts of lubricating oil, the oil trickling method is a great selection. The regularity of oil dripping is generally regulated to one decline every 3 to 8 seconds. Too much lubricating oil may create the bearing temperature level to climb.

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Blood circulation approach: This technique makes use of an oil pump to move filtered lubricating oil to the bearing elements. The lubricating oil, after going through the bearing, is filtered and cooled prior to reuse. Given that circulating oil can properly eliminate heat, this approach is particularly ideal for high-speed bearing elements.

Spray method: Mix completely dry pressed air and lubricating oil with a sprayer to create an oil haze and spray it onto the bearing. This method can not only properly lower the bearing temperature level but likewise avoid the invasion of pollutants. It is particularly ideal for bearing lubrication in high-speed and high-temperature settings.

Injection approach: Use an oil pump to infuse high-pressure lubricating oil directly onto the bearing with a nozzle, and then the lubricating oil flows into the oil groove from the various other end of the bearing. When the bearing turns at broadband, the high-speed turning of its moving components and cage will certainly generate air flow. This technique can properly utilize this air movement for lubrication.


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