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What is Tin disulfide

What's Tin disulfide?

Tin disulfide - an inorganic compound with chemical formula SnS2. It is a yellow hexagonal flake with a CdI2 cristal structure. It isn't really soluble in water, however it's water-soluble in aqua regia and hot alkaline solutions, and additionally, it is soluble in sodium sulfur Solution, frequently used to create gold paint.

Tin disulfide will dissolve in aqua regia as well as hot alkali solution. It undergoes coordination reaction when combined with concentrated hydrochloric acid. It is dissolvable in dilute hydrochloric acid as well as insoluble in water and the acid nitric. It can also react when mixed with ammonium to dissolve.

How do I prepare tin disulfide?

Tin disulfide may be obtained by directly combining tin and sulfur with iodine. The reaction requires heat:

2. S -- SnS2

Another method is to pass hydrogen sulfide into solution of tin (IV) salt or tin (IV) salt solution, and then precipitate it.

Electrochemical behavior of carbon nanotubes with multi-walled walls confined by tin disulfide. It is the negative electrode of lithium ion battery

The direct current arc plasma technique was used to make multi-walled carbon carbon nanotube confined metal tin Nanostructures (Sn@MWCNT) as the precursor under a methane-based atmosphere. SnS_2@MWCNT structures were made through an sulfurization process. The results of physical characterization of the materials, such as Raman, X-ray diffracted (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) showed that the length of the multi-walled carbon nanotubes was 400nm. The top layer of carbon was crystallized, in addition, the thickness of this carbon-based layer was approximately 10 nanometers. Lithium-ion batteries using Sn S2@MWCNT nanostructures as anode materials have relatively good electrochemical performance. The first recharge Coulomb performance is 71%, and after 50 cycles, the capacity still maintains 703 mAh?g-1. The high-capacity properties of SnS_2@MWCNT nanostructured electrodes result from the fact that various types of active materials can provide the capacity to work together, and also the catalyst for each of them is distinct.

Study on electrochemical performance of tin disulfide/single-walled carbon nanotube composite material used as anode material for lithium-ion battery

A novel composite material comprising SnS2 as well as single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) was created using an easy solvothermal procedure. It is found to have an excellent electrochemical performance when used as the negative electrode of lithium Ion battery. At a high current density of 1 A/gand after one hundred times it retains a reversible capacity of more than 510 amps/g. To compare, we employed the same process to synthesize a single SnS2 material and conduct the electrochemical test on it. The results reveal that while the initial capacity of the SnS2 material is rather excellent, the cycle efficiency is poor, and it is rapidly degraded after just 20 cycles. The better capacity of this particular composite for batteries that use lithium is thought to be the result of the synergy between two parts which are SnS2 in addition to SWCNTs.

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