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What is Magnesium Nitride

What is Magnesium-Nitride?

Magnesium nitride is an inorganic compound that has the chemical formula Mg3N2. It is a part of the cube crystal system. At temperatures at room temperature, pure magnesium nutridide is a yellowish-green powder However, magnesium nitride that has parts of magnesium oxide impurities can be grayish white.

The molar mass of magnesium nitride is 100.95g/mol. Its density is 2.712g/cm3. Magnesium nitride is completely dissolved in acid and water, however, it is partially dissolvable in both ethanol and ether.

The melting temperature of magnesium nitride is 1500 degrees. Magnesium Nitride, as with many metal nitrides reacts with water to make ammonia. A catalyst is often employed. React with acid or nonmetallic oxides in order to produce ammonium salts as well as magnesium salts.

Magnesium Nitride is a ceramic substance in nature. Magnesium is abrasion-resistant material that has excellent resistance and dramatically improves productivity. Magnesium nitride also boasts high thermal conductivity as well as high corrosion resistance and temperature resistance. Magnesium Nitride is of further significance as it's used as a catalyst to aid in the production of boron-Ni.

What is Magnesium nitride Used for?

1. Use as a catalyst to you are preparing the nitride of other elements with high hardness and thermal conductivity. It is also a good choice for corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and the ability to withstand high temperatures. The first successful synthesis of cubic boron nitride, it was the catalyst that was used, magnesium nitride.

2. Utilized for high-strength steel additions to smelting. Magnesium Nitride (Mg3N2) is a substitute for the magnesium that has been desulphurized for construction in smelting. This helps in increasing the density strength as well as the bearing force of steel. In addition, the application of magnesium nitride (Mg3N2) desulfurizationwill reduce the use of other additives, which can help lower the cost of production for construction steel;

3. Useful for preparing special ceramic materials;

4. To manufacture a special alloy foaming agent

5. Special glass for manufacturing;

6. For crosslinking with catalytic polymers

7. For the recycling of nuclear waste

How to Produce Magnesium Nitride?

At present, the principal preparation methods of magnesium nitride comprise direct reaction method of magnesium powder with nitrogen, reaction method of carbon with nitrogen in nitrogen plasma flow as well as the method for the explosion of magnesium coils in nitrogen atmosphere Low pressure chemical gas as a complementary product method, self propagating high temperature synthesis process, the synthesis of nano magnesium, etc.

Recently, G. Soto et al. prepared amorphous magnesium nitride films that had different Mg/N ratios Si substrates in a molecular nitrous environment using an application of pulsed lasers. These techniques restrict the production of industrial magnesium nitride due to high cost, long process complicated equipment operation or low yields of magnesium nutride.

While the direct reaction of magnesium powder with nitrogen is of significant industrial potential, the making of magnesium powder requires greater reaction temperatures and a longer response time. In addition, the form of the particles isn't perfect and easy to disperse, which does not meet requirements for industrial quality. It is possible to decompose NH3 into Nwith broken bonds much more quickly than N2 and H2 decomposed may slow the growth of MgO, so ammonia gas can be used as the nitrogen source. Chen Faqin et al. utilized liquid ammonia as a nitrogen source to make magnesium nitride powder through direct nutriding of magnesium. The following conclusions can be drawn: Based on thermodynamic study, liquid ammonia might react with magnesium powder far more easily than nitrogen and produce magnesium nitride. Premium magnesium nitride, with excellent purity and uniform particles is prepared by heating to 600 and an ammonia atmosphere for 1 hour, and then heated to 800, ammonia flow rate of 500ml/min with an nitriding duration of 1h.

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