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Dr. Johnson Efedi, Bank Manager, African Development Bank, Lome, Togo


The Games



This section is what this site is really all about. Below is the index of ongoing and completed games. My list of games that have failed for one reason or another can be found here.

Aside from obfuscation of personal info (e-mail addresses and telephone numbers) and some reformatting to improve readability, the e-mails published in these games are real and unedited in any way. These are actual transcripts of my communications with the scammers.

The games are listed here from newest to oldest. The scammer's e-mails are always in plain black text (like this text). My e-mails are in green italics and occasionally also in blue italics. My comments are in bold text. Red X's represent personal info that I felt should be left out.

WARNING: These scammers are criminals and are generally pretty awful people. I have made no attempt to sanitize any of their e-mails and so you might come across some very coarse language, mature subject matter and even death threats now and again throughout these e-mail exchanges, though it's probably not as bad as you think. But be forwarned.

Remember, anything in these e-mail exchanges between myself and the scammers that bears any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental.


The Marie Jeanne Keita LettersPage 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

(Commenced Sep. 23, 2006)  Cote d'Ivoire  Mrs Marie Jeanne Keita, formerly of Saudi Arabia, now in Cote D'Ivoire, is dying of cancer. She wants me to assist her in getting her late husband's fortune, which is secured in a "matalic" box at a security company, out of Africa and use it to fund orphanages and such. She also wants me to take care of and raise her son. New York ad exec, Pete Moss has no time for Mrs. Keita's crap. unless of course, she can help him solve some problems of his own, which she does. Adult movie producer, Dick Wadd and his sales manager, Hugh Jass, eventually get in on the act and when Mr. Moss is brutally murdered by British hit-men, Mike Rotch steps in, but only to try to steer him back to Mr. Wadd.

Last updated Apr. 25, 2007

The Sister Joyce Eze Letters

(Commenced Sep. 26, 2006)  Ghana  Sister Joyce Eze e-mails me to inform me that my $22M has been transferred into a Swiss bank account. Mike Rotch, a New York advertising executive, isn't interested in this money at all as he is searching for some African actors to star in television commercials (adverts). Incredibly, Ms. Eze just happens to know someone who can find these actors for him and the game begins. Mr. Rotch's associate, Pete Moss, jumps in later to assist.

This is a terrific example of how to pull a scammer off his predefined script, and, in this case, onto some scripts of my own.

Last updated Oct. 27, 2006

The Julia Ngume LettersPage 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

(Commenced May 8, 2006)  Senegal  Miss Julia Ngume is a Liberian who is now in a refugee camp in Senegal. She seems to want some kind of business/personal relationship. Wanda Willing attempts to find out more.

Wanda and Julia actually play relatively minor roles in this game as Reverends Stu Pidass and Seymore Buttz of Our Lady of Perpetual Flatulence Holy Church, enter into negotiations with Julia's church in Senegal for funding. Then Potty LaTrine falls in love with Vitus Iwunwa and commits some terrible acts to be with him. Pastor Martins Koma and Jennifer Stevens also play supporting roles.

Romance, murder, embezzlement, (phone) sex, an international man, this game has it all.

Last updated Aug. 26, 2006

The Janet Garang LettersPage 1 | 2

(Commenced Apr. 18, 2006)  Cote d'Ivoire  Janet Garang, formerly of Sudan, now in a hospital in Cote D'Ivoire, wants me to assist her and her son get her late husband's fortune out of Africa and into some worthwhile investments. The usual crap. I'll have Ann Teaks try to take Janet's and her son's minds off the subject of their non-existent money problems.

A short game in which I accomplish little except get the scammer's hopes up for a while. Plenty of telephone calls help make up this relatively short scam bait.

Last updated May 3, 2006

The Princess Naomi Kamara LettersPage 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

(Commenced Feb. 7, 2006)  Nigeria  Princess Naomi Kamara of Port Harcourt, Nigeria has a problem which seems to afflict hundreds of thousands of West Africans...too much money and too many greedy relatives and this 24-year old attractive woman is prepared to offer a perfect stranger 20% of the sum of 7.5 million dollars and her body in return for some assistance in getting the money out of Nigeria. Wanda Willing jumps at the chance and when Princess Naomi discovers that Wanda is a woman, she magically transforms into a bi-curious who hates men. Pornographer Dick Wadd and his assistant, Fonda Cox, also get into the action with an acting job for Princess Naomi.

In the timespan of more than two years, this woman actually gets younger and her appearance changes drastically as our crew of phony characters takes her from wealthy heiress to aspiring porn star, concerned only about the chance that she'll become impregnated by a Martian.

Last updated Apr. 27, 2008

The Johnson Njoku LettersPage 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

(Commenced Dec. 23, 2005)  Nigeria  The president of a Nigerian-based charity, Johnson Njoku, wants a $500 donation to assist him in taking care of a very ill child in his country. Patti Kake steers him toward her friend, Father Hershey Barr, who is very happy to accept Mr. Johnson's offer to join Our Lady of Perpetual Piercings Holy Church and establish a branch right in Nigeria in return for several tens of thousands of dollars. Father George Mbeki is asked to step in and lend a helping hand. To further complicate things, when Mr. Johnson discovers that Patti will be traveling to Nigeria soon, a young "friend" of his suddenly enters the picture, strikes up a relationship with Patti, falls in love with her and requests her hand in marriage. When Patti gets into trouble in Ghana, her best friend, Shanda Leer, is forced into the game to assist her.

This scammer becomes the first member of Our Lady of Perpetual Piercings Holy Church. Unfortunately, he's too lazy to travel to Ghana to rescue his new wife.

Last updated Feb. 17, 2006

The Sunday Chukwuma Nwadu LettersPage 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

(Commenced Oct. 13, 2005)  Nigeria Ivory Coast Ghana  Another episode with Sunday Chukwuma Nwadu, the scammer I was involved with in both The Princess Blessing Abonime Letters and The Dr. Blessing Abonime Letters (both listed below).

In this game which will surely be the final episode of what has become a trilogy, Mr. Nwadu wants to give up his 419 work in Lagos and join the South African mafia. Crime boss Selby Mzimela is happy to have such an intelligent man join his crime syndicate. Unfortunately for Mr. Nwadu however, joining the syndicate isn't as simple as filling out an application. He first has to meet with his new mentor, George Mbeki, in Accra, Ghana, an eight hour bus ride from his home. But once Mr. Nwadu arrives in Ghana, Mbeki fails to show up for the meeting and Mr. Nwadu is forced to drag an old friend, Lyon Clubb into the game in an attempt to scam his bus fare back home. Unfortunately, Lyon is murdered and Nwadu gets framed for the killing. But just when things are looking bleak for Mr. Nwadu, Potty Latrine extends an olive branch to him.

In this game, our scammer once again displays his incredible creativity. If he had the intelligence to match he would have abandoned me long ago. Mr. Nwadu learns a valuable lesson in this game: When making an extended bus trip far from home, always buy a return ticket...just in case.

Another very successful game.

Last updated Dec. 25, 2005

The Stan Ifyob Abonime Letters

(Commenced Oct. 1, 2005)  Nigeria  Stan Ifyob Abonime, a son of the late King Solomon, wants to extricate his late father's fortune-in-a-box of US$3,000,000 from Nigeria, thereby keeping this money out of the hands of his female siblings (sounds vaguely familiar), and needs some outside help. Shanda Leer is very interested in helping the young prince share his inheritance. Shanda however, ends up in the middle of a gun battle at her local bank and is fatally wounded when she gets her nipple shot off. Her roommate, Potty Latrine has no interest in Stan's "business deal".

Originally intended as nothing more than an experiment with telephone calls and digitized voices/sounds, this short game is actually one of my favorites.

Last updated Nov. 10, 2005

The Maryam Abacha LettersPage 1 | 2

(Commenced Sept. 5, 2005)  Nigeria  Netherlands  China  Maryam Abacha needs some assistance transferring her late husband's funds to who knows where. Dick Heyd, CEO of Bovine Excreta Custom Manufacturing Co. has already sent $7500 to Mrs. Abacha's representative, George Mbeki, in Amsterdam and is prepared to bring another $22,500 in cash to Holland. This, of course is news to Mrs. Abacha but she certainly doesn't let on.

Last updated Oct. 23, 2005

The Dr. Blessing Abonime LettersPage 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

(Commenced Mar. 30, 2005)  Nigeria  Dr. Blessing Abonime, of Nigeria's Ministry of Petroleum Resources requires assistance in stealing $10,000,000 from the estate of a man who was killed in a plane crash in Alaska. With a promise of 25% of the take, Potty Latrine, along with Pastors Stu Pidass and Derek Oyl of Our Lady of Perpetual Flatulence Holy Church are very interested in helping the evil doctor but Potty and Stu have ideas of their own and the meddlesome Barrister Williams Sankoh enters to really fowl things up for the doctor. Then Pastor Andrew wants a donation of his own and Candi Kane offers her assistance.

I couldn't seem to kill this game. The dumb-ass scammer wanted to keep it alive and well, taking it off onto many tangents, trying to cash money transfers that don't exist, introducing new scams throughout the process. I still receive the occasional e-mail from him which aren't worth publishing.

In this game, the scammer gets so desperate for the score, he sends a scan of his real passport.

Note: The scammer in this game is the same one starring in The Sunday Chukwuma Letters (above) and The Princess Blessing Abonime Letters (below).

Last updated Nov. 16, 2005

The Princess Blessing Abonime LettersPage 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

(Commenced Mar. 12, 2005)  Nigeria Great Britain  Princess Blessing Abonime, a daughter of the late King Solomon, wants to extricate her late father's fortune of more than US$23,000,000 from Nigeria, thereby keeping this money out of the hands of her male siblings, and needs some outside help. The cast of good guys includes Billy Clubb, his brother Lyon Clubb, 419 scammer Williams Sankoh, Selby Mzimela, a shady bank official and organized crime syndicate member who offers favors to the scammers, and Nuhu Ribadu, chairman of Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

I finally get this scammer's UK-based associate to take a train from London to Manchester (UK) to meet up with my character, Lyon. Unfortunately for the fraudster, Lyon neglects to keep his appointment, not that they're discouraged at all by this setback as they keep coming back for more abuse.

This is a long and wacky game in which phony characters pop in and out like a jack-in-the-box on speed. It's a classic example of how intellectually lacking some of these scammers can be.

Note: The scammer in this game is the same one starring in The Dr. Blessing Abonime Letters and The Sunday Chukwuma Nwadu Letters (both above).

Last updated May. 18, 2006

The Beverly Murray LettersPage 1 | 2

(Commenced Jan. 31, 2005)  Philippines Ivory Coast  Meet poor Mrs. Murray, a American deaf mute whose husband, a former finance minister from the Philippines was killed in the 9/11 terrorist arracks. Now all of her money ($10 million) is sitting in a tin box in Africa. She needs some assistance to bring the cash back to the U.S. and her pleas fall on deaf ears as the hearing-impaired Wanda Willing offers her assistance by traveling to Africa to retrieve the loot. Unfortunately, getting her hands on that $10M just isn't that straight-forward for Wanda.

The scammer in this game was simply too lazy to get off his ass and take a photograph of himself. Too bad. I had big plans for this game.

Last updated Mar. 8, 2005

The Jewel Taylor LettersPage 1 | 2 | 3

(Commenced Dec. 29, 2004)  Nigeria India Netherlands  The elderly nursing home resident, Dinah Soares, is asked by former Liberian First Lady, Jewel Taylor to assist her. But Mrs. Taylor takes the dumb step of, for no reason, sending an obviously fake passport, casting some doubt in Dinah's mind about Mrs. Taylor's real identity. Then Barrister Williams Sankoh has to step in and supply Mrs. Taylor with a photograph of herself. But then the barrister turns to blackmail and extortion, leaving Dinah a broken woman and Dinah's daughter, Tyranna Soares-Rex, must intervene and travel to Amsterdam to meet with the courier company representative, George Mbeki. Unfortunately, Felix Kumo, another evil scammer, and a fake George Mbeki get to her first.

A fun game that has finally come to an end after more than 14 weeks, and everyone involved has firm boobs.

Last updated Apr. 9, 2005

The Susan Perez Letters

(Commenced Dec. 23, 2004)  Spain  Bart Simpson wins the lotto and sends the scammers to the Western Union office five times with phony money transfers. They refuse to clue in until Bart's rags-to-riches story gets him featured on the cover of Newsweek Magazine. Who knows how many times I could have sent him scampering to the Western Union office.

Last updated Jan. 26, 2005

The Hans Karl Letters

(Commenced Nov. 24, 2004)  Italy  A spin-off from The Johnson Efedi Letters, this game is a complete role reversal. Barrister Williams Sankoh plays a 419 scammer while the real scammer baits him by playing a potential victim.

A very short-lived game, I accomplish little here although this game gets me my first death threat.

Last updated Dec. 30, 2004

The Johnson David LettersPage 1 | 2

(Commenced Nov. 23, 2004)  South Africa  Abbott Costello is an astue business man who eventually ends up in Johannesburg to meet Mr. Johnson. But Mr. Johnson gets beaten to the punch by an imposter and Felix Kumo, his fake attorney.

Last updated Feb. 17, 2005

The Donald Moore LettersPage 1 | 2 | 3

(Commenced Oct. 26, 2004)  South Africa Netherlands  Donald Moore is a Liberian national stuck in a refugee camp in Durban, South Africa and needs someone's assistance in getting two boxes full of cash into The U.S.

In this game, an extremely paranoid Wanda Willing travels to Amsterdam, then to Johannesburg, then to Johannesburg for a second time in an effort to retrieve her fortune. Somehow, Wanda can never seem to meet up with her intended contacts but does ultimately meet her demise in South Africa at the hands of Felix Kumo while Moore drives from Durban to Johannesburg (a distance of about 365 miles one way) to meet her.

This is a great game that just refused to die a normal death.

Last updated Aug. 9, 2005

The John Musa Letters

(Commenced Oct. 19, 2004)  Nigeria  Wanda Willing wins the lotto and then sends the scammers to the bank twice with phony Western Union Control Numbers.

Last updated Nov. 5, 2004

The Dr. Johnson Efedi LettersPage 1 | 2 | 3

(Commenced Oct. 16, 2004)  Togo  Far too convoluted to describe here, this game has more unlikely twists and turns than a bad soap opera.

Featuring Wanda Willing, managing director for an institute for the hearing impaired, Seymore Butts, her greedy, horny uncle who ends up getting whacked in Luxembourg by Williams Sankoh, a phony barrister from Benin who steals magas from other scammers, and Selby Mzimela, a South African crime syndicate recruiter. And these are the good guys!

I had a fantastic time playing this one.

Last updated Dec. 31, 2004



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