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The e-mail here is a typical example of fraudulent lottery announcements sent out each day by 419 scammers. In these instances, they're using a non-existent lottery, London Lottery International, as their ploy. The fake lottery scam is a very popular type of advance fee scam.

In reality, no one ever wins a lottery that they've never entered. No one's e-mail address wins a lottery. No legitimate lottery requires you to pay fees to claim a prize beyone the price of a ticket. If you've received an e-mail even remotely similar to the ones on this page or if you have arrived at this page via an internet search resulting from an e-mail that you received, YOU HAVE RECEIVED A SCAM E-MAIL!

This is just one example of the many hundreds of advance fee fraud e-mails received each day here at 419BAITER headquarters. They're all 100% pure B.S.

There are many different types of 419 scam (examples) but they all promise you something (fortune, job with salary / commision, low-interest loan, lottery prize, cheap gold dust / diamonds, work visa, etc.) in return for a small 'fee' or some kind of remittance. Of course, there is no fortune, no job, no loan, no prize to be had. It's just a ploy to get you to willingly send them money.


This is an internet scam! Do NOT send the scammers money for any reason.



From:     london lottery <londonlottery@inbox.com>
Date:     Sun, 28 Dec 2008 06:43:02 -0800 (09:43 EST)

76 WhiteHall Street
SW10 1NL,
London England.
Tel: +448704908995


Good day, we announce to you the draw of the LONDON LOTTERY International
programs held on the 25th Dec 2008 in UK .. Your e-mail address ,name and
Address with serial number 876 drew the Ticket numbers: 08092008, which
subsequently won you the lottery in the 1st category.
You have been approved to claim a total sum of $500,000 USD in cash
Credited to file AL1984/25US made available from a total cash prize of Five
Million United State Dollars. You were randomly selected for
the online version from World Wide Web sites
through a computer drawn system extracted from over 100,000 companies.
Please note that your lucky winning number falls within our booklet
representative office in London UK as indicated in our play coupon.
In view of this, your $500,000 (CHEQUE) would be released to you by our
affiliate bank in London UK as soon as you establish contact.
To file for your claim, contact our LONDON DISPTACH OFFICE via clicking the link below;

DISPATCH: Mr.Powell Green Tel: +448704908995

CLICK TO CONTACT US - http://www.londonlottery.page.tl/Contact-Us.htm

Remember to quote your Serial number and Ticket number information in all correspondence.
You are to keep all lotto information’s away from the general public especially your
ticket and draw numbers...
(This is important as a case of double claims will not be entertained). Members of the
affiliate agencies are automatically not
allowed to participate in this program.
You are hereby advised to click the link bellow fill up the
London Lottery Entry Data print out and scanned back to our email

FORM - http://www.londonlottery.page.tl/Uk-Claims-Form.htm

Faithfully, Constance..Bernard, Esq. Zone Co-ordinator for LONDON LOTTERY
INT'L Sweepstakes International Program

Sincerely yours
Mark J. Cavanagh

NOTE: Be informed that 10% of lottery winning belongs to UK BONDS AND CREDITORS because
they are the company that bought your ticket and played the lottery on your name.For more
visit our Website www.londonlottery.uk.tc
Overseas Subscribers Agents is a Government-licensed Lottery Service Agency, which has
been marketing Uk
Lotteries to overseas subscribers for over 19 years. Acting as agents on behalf of Lottery
players around the world, Dispatch agent makes it possible.






It's important to note that any real people and / or legitimate organizations whose names and other details are mentioned in these scam e-mails have absolutely no connection with this scam!

Scammers never use their real names.
They frequently take on the identity of real people to help them convince you that they are genuine.

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NOTE TO DUMBASS SPAMMERS: My scam e-mail filtering system is pretty good but it isn't perfect. Occasionally a regular spam e-mail will get mistakenly published here as a 419 scam. This is inadvertent. If you are a spammer and you don't wish to have your crap mistakenly published on this website as a 419 advance fee scam, the solution is simple. Don't mail your crap to harvested e-mail addresses.