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The e-mail(s) below is just one of the thousands of variants of fake job offers sent out each day by 419 scammers. If you've received an e-mail even remotely similar to the one(s) below or if you have arrived at this page via an internet search, I can 100% guarantee you...YOU HAVE RECEIVED A SCAM E-MAIL!

There are many different types of 419 scam (examples) but they all promise you something (fortune, job, loan, lottery prize, gold dust, work visa, etc.) in return for a small 'fee' or some kind of remittance. Of course, there is no fortune, no job, no loan, no prize to be had. It's just a ploy to get you to willingly send them money.

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It's important to note that any real people or legitimate organizations mentioned in this e-mail have absolutely no connection with this scam!

None of the scammers use their real names.
Sometimes they take on the identity of real people to help them convince you that they are genuine.
Whatever these scammers tell you, DON'T believe a word of it!!!





                                  The Health System At Home:
 This is to inform individuals who are in line with the following job opportunities below, apply( with working experience, with the exception of mourntuary attendance and cleaning services) Forward your application to this email boxes as letter of invitation and flight ticket will be taken care by the service company NHS, if only you will be qualified and meet up our requirements. Note, that after you are successful with  your requirements, we will send your Invitation letter, Two year working permit and your flight ticket, paid on line in your names as we need twenty men and women, a minimum of three workers from each country.
FAMILY DOCTORS ( General Practisioner) GP, a person who sees a health problem and able to tell you what is wrong with you.
SALARY------------------( 12,000 POUNDS )

NURSES AND MIDWIES.( Is the one who look after the patients in the hospital and health centers)
SALARY------------------( 3,200 POUND, MONTHLY )

LAB SCIENTISTS. (Is one who carry out laboratory text in the medical centers and hospitals)
SALARY---------------( 3,800 POUNDS, MONTHLY )
MOURNTUARY ATTENDANCE.(Here requires O" level, grade 12, and college certificates, higher cert will be an advantage.)
SALARY----------------( 3,500 POUNDS, MONTHLY )
CLEANERS: ( Workers who will be hard working in cleaning the wards and hospital environment).
SALARY----------------( 2,000 POUNDS, MONTHLY )

NOTE: If you are qualified in one of the above, forward your C.V and application to one of the following email boxes below and details of your specialization and conditions will be given to you before acceptance of your application.
     In the Uk, a government organisation called the National Health Service, looks after our health.The NHS provides a medical service for everyone, no matter poor or rich you are and it is mainly paid for a general taxation. For more details, browse on www.nhs.uk
     The NHS employs a large number of people.These employees work in either primary health care or secondary health care, family doctors, dentists and opticians respectively.health care hospital and specialist medical services.They all work together so that we all be healthy and lead a better life.
     Private medical treatment is a medical service that is not paid for by the government with taxes, but by the people who takes out private medical insurance.It is for people who prefer to pay for a private service when they are ill.It is also a small part of the health care service in the Uk and the most famous center for private treatment in harley street, london.






This is just a small sampling of the hundreds of scam e-mails receive each day.


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