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The e-mail here is just one type of the thousands of scam e-mail variants sent out each day by 419 scammers. If you've received an e-mail even remotely similar to the one on this page or if you have arrived at this page via an internet search resulting from an e-mail that you received, YOU HAVE RECEIVED A SCAM E-MAIL!




This is an internet scam! Do NOT send these scammers money for any reason.



From:     BANK OF AMERICA NY <boa_010@virgilio.it>
Reply-to:     boa_111@virgilio.it
Subject:     From the desk of Dr.Grey Watson
Date:     Thu, 9 Jun 2011 04:12:45 +0200 (CEST) (Wed, Jun 08 2011 22:12:45)

 From the desk of Dr.Grey Watson

The World Bank Swiss and the US Govt has approved $18.5 million dollars to improved your business,so we request your banking details for the immediate transfer of the fund.Bank
account,Name,your phone number and address.reply me here drgreybankemail@cantv.net

Dr.Grey Watson
Bank of America ,NY. USA.

From:     Dr.Grey Watson <bankofamericanewyorkcity2@yahoo.fr>
Subject:     A recommendation from a friend
Date:     Fri, 19 Dec 2008 08:07:59 -0500

From The Desk Of:Dr.Grey Watson
Bank Of America
Credit/Telex Department.
12/B13 Kingston Drive,
New York Branch, USA
Email : bankofamericanewyorkcity2@yahoo.fr

Attn: The Beneficiary,


We are hereby officially notify you concerning your fund telegraphic
Transfer through our bank, Bank of America to your bank account, which has
been officially approved by the management of World Bank Swiss (WBS) to credit the sum of US$18.5 Million into your bank account.

Note that I have started processing your payment and every thing concerning the
immediate remittance of your funds will be carried out within the shortest
possible time from the time we received your ? below needed information.

Also be informed that the Governor of Bank in London (BL) will sign on
your payment advice and a copy of the advice will be sent to the World
Bank in Swiss for some record purposes. Meanwhile your information and
your full contact details were received from our research manager, Barr.
Paul Peterson on your behalf to FRB for immediate release of your fund.

This fund was part of the lodged Late President Saddam Hussein of Iraq
discovery fund with World Bank of Switzerland, which the Swiss Bank has
decided to distribute it generously to help few lucky individuals and the
American Government is in agreement with the Swiss Bank to distribute the
fund to 700 hundred thousand people in America, Europe & Asia in other to
help improve their business under 3 years and return the original sum back
to us.

Therefore, reconfirm the aforesaid information accurately, because this
office cannot afford to be held liable for any wrong transfer of funds or
liable of any fund credited into an unknown account.

These are the information we needed to be reconfirmed by you.

1.Your Full Bank Account Details
2.Your Direct Cell or office phone to rich you
3.Your address of locations
4.Your full name

Finally, you are required to reconfirm directly to me the above
information to enable me use it to process you bill of payment.   Your
quick response shall be mostly appreciated; all your response should be
directed through our alternative email address for the immediate attention
of the credit control department.

Yours Faithfully,

Dr. Grey Watson






It's important to note that any real people and / or legitimate organizations whose actual names or other details are mentioned in these scam e-mails have absolutely no connection with this scam!

Scammers never use their real names.
They frequently take on the identity of real people to help them convince you that they are genuine.

This is just a small sampling of the many hundreds of advance fee fraud e-mails received each day here at 419BAITER headquarters. It is 100% pure B.S. Purity Guaranteed!

There are many different types of 419 scam (examples) but they all promise you something (fortune, job with salary / commision, low-interest loan, lottery prize, cheap gold dust / diamonds, work visa, etc.) in return for a small 'fee' or some kind of remittance. Of course, there is no fortune, no job, no loan, no prize to be had. It's just a ploy to get you to willingly send them money.

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NOTE TO DUMBASS SPAMMERS: My scam e-mail filtering system is pretty good but it isn't perfect. Occasionally a regular spam e-mail will get mistakenly published here as a 419 scam. This is inadvertent. If you are a spammer and you don't wish to have your crap mistakenly published on this website as a 419 advance fee scam, the solution is simple. Don't mail your crap to harvested e-mail addresses.