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This is just one type of the thousands of scam e-mail variants sent out each day by 419 scammers. If you've received an e-mail even remotely similar to the scam published here or if you have arrived at this page via an internet search resulting from an e-mail that you received, YOU HAVE RECEIVED A SCAM E-MAIL!



This is an internet scam! DON'T send these scammers money for any reason.



From:     Mrs Mellisa Lewis <baghdadi@fstbm.ac.ma>
Reply-to:     barrjaymchenry@gmx.com
Subject:     Hello
Date:     Sat, 21 Aug 2010 19:35:39 -0000 (WET) (Sat, Aug 21, 2010 15:35:39)
X-originating-ip:     []


My name is Mrs. Mellisa Lewis . I am 59 years old and I was diagnosed for
cancer for about 2 years ago. I will be going in for an operation later
today. I decided to WILL/donate the sum of (14.258M USD ) to you for the
good work of the lord.Contact my lawyer with this details below:

Name: Barrister Jay Mchenry.
email: barrjaymchenry@gmx.com

Tell him that I have WILLED 14.258M USD to you by quoting my personal
reference number JJ/MMS/953/5015/GwrI/316us/uk. Be informed also that i
have paid for the state tax on this money to be
transferred to you.

God bless
Mrs. Mellisa Lewis

From:     Barrister Jay Mchenry <monika079@neostrada.pl>
Reply-To:     barr_jayMchenry@gmx.com
Subject:     Greetings
Date:     Tue, Jun 22, 2010 03:15:32

Dear Friend,
I happen to know Mrs.Mellisa Lewis very well, over the years I had been assigned by the firm I work with to handle her file and this brought me close to her, she is in intensive care now and she claims to be closer to her God "day by day" borrowing from her terms, it is a pity you have not come to know her as she is definitely a people oriented person. I would suggest you follow this through to at least satisfy your conscience, if she donated funds to you, then I would expect you should question why? specially if you do not really know this woman of faith.
You see she had no issues (child) and so she gave her funds to her brother and sister she actually gave a rather large amount as a gift to her relatives and requested they use some funds for charity, they thought she would die soon so they confisticated everything for their selfish use, this led her to will her remaining funds to someone else,I had often asked her about this someone else all she told me was God will show her. I guess you are that someone.
Note that the details you received from her(JJ/MMS/953/5015/GwrI/316us/uk) was a probing move to establish contact, because I am sure you know as well as I do that most people would snatch at the offer considering the large amount involved and also since the disbursement of this fund would be entirely in the hands of the claimant. For this reason she felt that after our initial communication I should be able to determine if we can proceed based on certain indices as well as intuitive feeling I would deduce.
I shall undertake to collate relevant details with regards to the funds withdrawal process.( this will include the original deposit
certificate issued by the finance house when her funds were deposited,{you will need to present this at the financial institute
where the funds are presently lodged, and I will find it no imposition to assist you when that time comes.} Power of attorney and her will with the relevant changes in place)
The relevant documents which include the power of attorney must be completed with pertinent information from you, these will include the following:
Full names: 
Country of origin:
Date of birth:
Direct telephone & fax numbers: 
Once you send the above details I shall draft the power of attorney and send you a copy for your use alongside the  finance/security firm's contact details, so you can make the funds withdrawal. Please note that all paper works to gain you access to her funds which you are specifically to put to charitable use will be given you by me and all monies to do this paper work has already been offset, It is very important you keep this confidential as Mrs. Mellisa Lewis has requested your utmost confidentiality in this matter due to reactions which could arise from her relatives who has plundered her wealth to their selfish interest.
Please respond promptly to enable me carry out my legal obligations to you and Mrs. Mellisa Lewis
Yours Faithfully,
Barrister Jay Mc henry
Attorney at-Law.
Business Address:1-2 Universal House
Wentworth Street
London E1 7SA
United Kingdom





It's important to note that any real people and / or legitimate organizations whose actual names or other details appear in these scam e-mails have absolutely no connection with this scam!

Scammers never use their real names.
They frequently take on the identity of real people to help make themselves and their scam appear legitimate.

This is just a small sampling of the many hundreds of advance fee fraud e-mails received each day here at 419BAITER headquarters. It is 100% pure B.S. Purity Guaranteed!

There are many different types of 419 scam (examples) but they all promise you something (fortune, job with salary / commision, low-interest loan, lottery prize, bargain gold dust / diamonds, work visa, etc.) in return for a small 'fee' or some kind of remittance. Of course, there is no fortune, no job, no loan, no prize to be had. It's just a ploy to get you to willingly send them money.

If you receive one of these scam mails, simply delete it as you would any other spam mails.

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