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Welcome to 419BAITER.COM, the land of extreme B.S.

Many of you have, at one time or another, received "Urgent Business Transaction" e-mails from someone asking for assistance in retrieving huge amounts of money in return for a good-sized percentage of the take. Perhaps it's an e-mail informing you that you've won a lottery that you've never bought a ticket for. Maybe it's a job offer cashing checks in return for a commission.

These are known as advance fee fraud mails, or more commonly, Nigerian 419 e-mails. 419 scam baiting involves responding to these e-mails posing as a potential victim of their scam and getting them to trust you to the extent that they waste a lot of their time and hopefully some money trying to bilk you out of your hard-earned cash. With luck, the scammers also provide for a few laughs along the way.

This site is devoted to this little-known but growing internet sport.

These scams are named after section 419 of the Nigerian penal code which deals with this type of scam. However, Nigeria is certainly not the only country from which these e-mails originate. I have had these e-mails come from virtually every part of the world - Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, UK, Canada, etc. This site will consider dealing with any type of advance fee fraud proposal that arrives by e-mail, regardless of its origin.

To jump right in and see what this site is all about, click "The Games". Aside from some obfuscation of some personal info (e-mail addresses and telephone numbers) and some text reformatting to improve readability, the e-mails depicted in these games are real and unedited in any way. Any spelling mistakes, bad grammar and adult language have been left intact.

A CAUTIONARY NOTE: Within the pages on this site, you are bound to run across some nasty language, photos, and voice/sound recordings which may be considered vulgar or offensive by some. While you certainly won't find any pornography on this site, some material on this site may offend some people.

You can find plenty of examples of some of the most popular formats along with explanations on the 419 Scam Examples page.

While advance fee fraud comes in many forms, this site focuses only on the type of proposition that arrives via e-mail, the typical scams that are collectively known as Nigerian 419 scam e-mails. It should be noted that none of the games posted on this site have been initiated by me. All are responses to unsolicited fake proposals.

NOTE: Some of the pages and sound files, as well as certain images are well over 200Kb in size. Recorded telephone conversations and videos sometimes run several megabytes. So while it's certainly possible to enjoy this site with a dial-up connection, I have designed it with client side broadband in mind.





Here's an interesting video of an actual bust of 419 scammers by Nigeria's Economic Financial Crimes Commission. Video is courtesy of the BBC.



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